Romanesque Village Churches

Summer School at the European Romanesque Center
Merseburg, Germany, April 24rd - 27th 2014

Romanesque village churches had been a topic of folklife studies only, for such a long time. Meanwhile they became an issue of interdisciplinary academic research such as History, Art History and Building Archaeology. As a result, a new focus had been put on their relation to regional monumental buildings as well as functional and fortificational matters.

Funded by ‚TRANSROMANICA – Wege der Romanik in Europa‘, the European Romanesque Center will host a Summer School concentrating on these rather new research issues at April 24 - 27 in 2014. Results of recet European research shall be presented. Furthermore, Romanesque village churches in Saxony-Anhalt shall be investigated on-site along with the study of written sources. All 4 different sessions resp. disciplines will be presented by scholars of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg:

  1. History: Sources on manorialism and village communes
  2. Building history: Romanesque village churches in Saxony-Anhalt
  3. Archaeology: Village churches and the cathedral in Archaeology
  4. Theology: Spiritual spaces at the Romanesque Road

The evening lecture will be given by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Helten, Halle, Germany.

A passive knowledge of German and Emglish is substancial for participation. According to funding, the number of participants will be limited to 12. However, we can refund parts of our participants costs for travelling and overnight-stays. The scientific organization is due to Prof. Dr. Leonhard Helten, Halle.

Please apply until March 28th 2014 via Email including a short CV, directly to the office.