Hauke Horn: Awardee in 2014


- 1975 born in Gladbeck, Germany

-  studies of Architecture, Art History, Classical Archaeology as well as Philosophy in Münster, Darmstadt and Mainz (Germany)

-  2004 Diploma degree in architecture at the TU Darmstadt

-  2007 Master's degree at the departement of Art Histoy at the University of Mainz

-  2008-10 PhD bursary

-  Seit 2008 lectureships in Mainz, Germany and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

-  2012 PhD thesis at the University of Mainz, title: „Die Tradition des Ortes. Ein formbestimmendes Moment der deutschen Sakralarchitektur des Mittelalters“ (The tradition of place. A shaping momentum of German medieval sacred architecture)

-  2010-2013 assiatant at the departement of Building History at the university (TU) Brunswick, Germany

-  Seit 2014 postdoc assistant at the department of Art History, University of Mainz -project “Regionale Vernetzung und überregionaler Anspruch: Mittelalterliche Sakralarchitektur am Mittelrhein (ca.1220 bis 1350)”