Research funding


The ERZ’s Romanesque Reseach Award aims to promote, honor and encourage graduated young scholars contributing to the study of Romanesque art, history, archaeology, Church history as well as history of the law. The award is valued at 2.000 Euro.


Research stay

Supporting scholars reasearching on Romanesque art and architecture, the ERZ offers research stays within an inspoiring atmosphere in Merseburg cathedral's enclosure. The furnished apartments have own showers as well as WLAN; a shared kitchen is availabe.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Summer School

THE ERZ organizes summer schools on specific topics concerning European Romanesque art and architecture.


Announcement Summer School 2012.


In order to support young scholars researching on Romanesque art and architecture, the ERZ allocates scholarships.
Currently, there is no scholarship announced.

Blick in eines der Gästezimmer im Europäischen Romanik Zentrum, Merseburg

Furnished apartments to host guest researchers and scholarship holders