Considering the strategy and policy of the ERZ, a managing committee is elected every 4 years by the general assembly. An international board of advisers supports the managing committee. Together with the general assembly both organs set the research and events of the society.

Regional Board of Advisors

Since 2010 the EZz cooperates with a regional board which is though not enshrined bylaw. Its aim is  help mutually with bureaucratic issues such as applications and communication, to advise local communities how to deal with its cultural heritage and momument preservation institutions etc. On the other hand, definite projects or exhibitions - f.e. with schools or societies - shall be initiated and promoted in order to reach a public sense of our regional heritage.

The board consists of the adminitrative district Saalekreis, the city of Merseburg, the community of Schkopau as well as the bank Saalesparkasse. Further members are welcome.

Members of the managing committee and international board of advisers in Merseburg, Germany