Fields of Research

Fields of interdisciplinary research on the Romanesque art are as follows:

  • Romanesque art and it’s context: regional problems and specifications
  • Romanesque art and history: liturgical, sociological and political conditions of Romanesque art and architecture
  • function and furnishing of Romanesque churches
  • Romanesque art and the reform of orders: Benedictines, Premonstratensians, Augustinian canons, Cistercians and women’s order
  • Romanesque village churches
  • Romanesque art and archaeology
  • Romanesque art along with cultral heritage preservation and tourism
  • Presentation of Romanesque art in media and museums

These topics are based on the international committee’s advice in 2007. Therefore, we host specialized conferences and initiate scientific research projects to build up a scientific infrastructure at our site in Merseburg.

Hamersleben, St. Pankratius, Nave arcade, Photo: Janos Stekovics